Project Description
DbViewSharp is a lightweight application packed with features, designed for developers to explore SQL server databases.

DbViewSharp is designed to make it easy to find information in a database without resorting to SQL. It is inspired by browser searching where typing a keyword or two generally displays the most useful information on the first page of results. I wanted to translate that experience to a database explorer that enables you to bring into view the information you want from the absolute minimum of keystrokes or mouse clicks.
This program is the result of 11 years of development and professional use and (in 2014) is being actively maintained and enhanced.

Screen shots.

What can it do?
  • List tables with row counts, creation date and last update date (top 5 feature).
  • Show table data
  • Search table data by "smart search" or standard filtering (top 5 feature).
  • Show field information
  • Show physical sizes of databases and tables
  • Show Views, Stored procedures, functions, triggers, computed columns, indexes, service broker objects and other interesting things.
  • Search View and Stored procedure code (top 5 feature).
  • Create customised views of the table data for easy searching and editing
  • Edit table data
  • Perform common aggregation tasks (sum rows, breakdown data in a column).
  • Create tables, add, change and remove columns.
  • Script tables and table data,
  • Create CSV files and import data from them into table.
  • Integrated SQL profiler. Screen shot of the Profiler window
  • Supports SqlCE and SQLite.
Check out the top 5 features if you are intrigued about the other 2 features or want to read more on why they were chosen.

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