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Profiler woes in version 1.5

Apr 27, 2013 at 10:28 PM
So far I have spotted two errors in the new profiler function.
  1. The original installer for version 1.5 hid the columns of the profiler report. This is rectified in the patched 1.5a installer.
  2. Selecting start or end time columns causes the profiler report to crash. If you continue using DbViewSharp and exit the program normally then this crash will persist. Fix by connecting to a low-use database and launching the profiler. If the error happens again ignore it. In either case press the Reset button on the toolbar (red sphere) and exit the application to persist the fix.
A final error in both releases is that an old version of the user guide was put in the release.

Service pack 1 is currently under development and is intended to fix all of these issues.