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DbViewSharp 1.8

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Released: Aug 2, 2014
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Release Notes

DbViewSharp version 1.8.0

This upgrade:
  • Enables DbViewSharp to work with SQL Server 2014.
  • Adds copy and scripting of views and stored procedures
  • Adds csv export to csv to the adhoc window export to excel function.
  • Adds more columns to some grids.
  • Streamlines the connection cloning process.
  • Dynamically marks matches as you type in text to search for in a stored procedure or view.
  • Redesigns the filter search form.
  • Adds a longest text length search.
  • Adds a preset profile configuration for finding Sql statements that error.
  • Fixes a few quite important bugs.
  • Drops guaranteed support for SQL-2000.

In the details below the numbers refer to issue numbers, which contain more details.

189: Enable DbViewSharp to work with SQL Server 2014.

193: Adds copy and scripting of views and stored procedures
The view and stored procedure grids have a new right-click option to copy them to another database in a similar manner to the copy table function. The copy form has been extended so objects can be scripted rather than copied directly.

Not Numbered: Added csv export to csv to the adhoc window export to excel function.
When exporting to excel there is an option to create a csv file instead of an xls file.

180 / 191: Add more columns to some grids.
Added line and character count columns to view, function and stored procedure grids. Added a percentage column to the Aggregate report.

Not numbered: Change the clone connection process.
A common scenario is to want to switch from one database to another using the same connection details. Now when the clone button is pressed the system automatically pops up the database selection form and creates a more relevant connection name.

179: Dynamic marking of text matches when searching source.
As soon as you enter text to search for in view or stored procedure source all matches are hightlighted and the first occurrence is display. No need to explicitly press the find button now.

198: Streamlined the filter search form.
Restored the button that sets the current search clause as the filter. Moved and renamed other buttons to improve the workflow when creating a mult-field filter.

176: Added a longest text length.
A new option on the sigma toolbar button this enables you to see the longest and shortest non-null string data in a char or varcher field. Could be used for spotting truncated data or unusually short names, etc.

187: Added a preset profile configuration for finding Sql statements that error.
To find invalid SQL being executed eg. ORM dynamic Sql generated by incorrect configuration, select preset profile configuration #2. This will display errors and SQL statements. When you locate the correct error trace the Sql causing it will either be statement directly above or directly below it.

78: Added a controlled exit from the program should the connections file become corrupted.
The message box displayed offers a stratgey for repairing the system and opens an explorer window in the folder containing the corruptded file.

Bugs fixed
  • Not numbered: Fixed bug which prevented DbViewSharp from working with newer SQL Server 2014
  • Not numbered: Fixed situation where a table being scripted contained a default or computed column and the connection used for the scripting did not have sufficient priviliges to access the default text or computed column calculation.
  • 184: Fixed broken case sensitivity searching.
  • 190: Fixed filter on a cell date value.
  • 195: Attepting to filter on a field that is a SQL reserved word no longer generates SQL that does not execute.
  • Not numbered: Fixed bug in copy of multiple tables when a table has a multiple of 1000 rows
  • Not numbered: Worked around unresponsive display of huge (over 100,000 character) stored procedures by disabling syntax colouring for them.
  • 148: Running the view fix command no longer irrevocably corrupts certain custom view source.
  • 165: SQL CE if the table create statement fails the dialog no longer closes losing the new table configuration. Also the table name is formatted correctly to allow reserverd word table names.

Change in behaviour
Prior to this version searching for fields implemented a "smart" search where an underscore was entered in the text. Specifically a search item such as "CLIENTNAME" would match either "clientname" and "ClientName". However this behaviour now breaks other search features and so it has been removed. "CLIENT_NAME" will not now match "ClientName".

As more and more queries are being written to take advantange of the systen views and tables added in SQL 2005 and as I lack a SQL server 2000 system to test with this version officially drops support for SQL 2000 databases.

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