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DbViewSharp 1.4

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Released: Dec 13, 2012
Updated: Dec 13, 2012 by Dave999
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Release Notes

This upgrade contains two new features, a pair of improvements and fixes a handful of bugs. The main DbViewSharp installer has been modified to include an option to install the SQL CE drivers. See Installing and using DBView for more details

New features.

Item numbers refer to issue tracker item Ids.

100: Add Export and Import of data.
This upgrade allows you to export data from a table to a CSV file and import data into a table from a CSV file. It was designed to facilitate transfer from a SQL Server database to a SQL CE database, but of course has many more applications. The functions are accessible from the table right-click context menu and are fully documented in the User Guide.

Keep an eye out for the 1.4 sp1 release which will enhance this feature significantly!

103: Create a Portable DbViewSharp on a Penstick.
Scenario. You are on the move. So you put DbViewSharp on a USB stick. But this means creating new database connections each time as it looks in the account application folder of the machine you insert the penstick into. This feature automatically creates a copy of DbViewSharp on a penstick together with a copy of the configuration file.

106: Adding an XML field to text search does not work
Previously adding a column of SQL Datatype XML to the text filter list of a view was permitted but caused the SQL to fail. This upgrade fixes the problem by casting the XML type to NVARCHAR(MAX) so that you can search for elements, attribute names and data in XML fields.

74: Rewrite of back and history module to act more like a browser
Cleared a few errors in way navigation back to previous grids worked. Added a check to the back button drop-down menu item to illustrate the position of the current grid in the history. Improved the history grid presentation.

Bugs fixed

  • 104: Field descriptions do not work with schemas. Now fixed.
  • 116: Script table fails if a table belongs to a schema and has a default constraint. Now fixed.
  • 80 Removing a column from a table breaks a view that uses it forever. When a saved data view is broken by the removal of a field from its table this can be fixed now by running Data, Fix Bad Views.
  • 90 Quickdiff will fail if insufficient permissions. It displays a warning now and does not attempt the operation.
  • 112 All source search will now find items enclosed in single-quotes.
  • 97 Untrapped exception during edit. The error is now trapped and explained.
  • 34 Driver change not recognized on subsequent launch of DbViewSharp. The bug happened only where you have a SQL Server connection and a SQL CE connection with the same name. Now fixed.

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