DbViewSharp 1.3 Release B

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Released: Oct 5, 2012
Updated: Oct 5, 2012 by Dave999
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Release Notes

Make DbViewSharp work for Sql Server 2012

Release 1.3 B is mainly driven by the discovery that DbViweSharp 1.3 does not work for SQL Server 2012. 1.3 B fixes this issue and includes a few more changes.

New or changed features (numbers are Issue numbers)

85 Review keyboard operations, fix and document

For the past few weeks I've run the application without a mouse and added or fixed features to make working with the keyboard practical. Where the keystrokes are not discoverable in the application they are documented in a new section of the user guide.

68 Add a nifty sorting feature for table data

Scenario. You want to see the most recent rows in a large table. The default order is primary key sequence which sorts from smallest to largest ie. oldest to newest. Since only 500 fields are shown you always see the oldest records. Presently to see the most recent you need to edit the view and add the Id field as a descending sort field.
Now you can click the column header of the id field twice to sort descending. This only sorts the 500 oldest in descending order. Press Go to refresh the table. The new functionality will detect the sorted key column and add it to the view. When refreshed the display will show the 500 most recently added rows to the table. This will only work for views where no custom sort has been defined.

77 Improve the keyboard interface in the source window
A by-product of this issue is a change to how matching text in the source window is shown. Previously the text font was changed to bold red. Now the background is changed to bright yellow to simulate a marker-pen effect.

Unlogged: Change to table edit mode

While developing the keyboard interface it turned out that setting the table data grid automatically to be editable when in developer mode, caused unexpected or awkaward behaviour of the system. So table data will not be automatically editable even when in edit mode. Keyboard mavens are recommended to use Alt E,E instead of the "accelerator" key Ctrl+F2 to switch into edit mode. In another drive-by bug fix the program now prompts you to save changes when you toggle edit mode off after making edits.

Unlogged Added a help menu option to launch the user guide and links in help about

In case the visibility of ther user guide is too low by being placed on the menu there is now a menu option to launch it as long as you have a pdf reader program. Also there are now links on the help about dialog to this site so you can check for updates and a link to the feedback E-mail address.

Other Fixes

73 Physical file size option has problems

Fixing the physical file size grid to display schema name plus table name meant switching from using sp_spaceused to extracting the guts of that sp into a custom query. This improves the speed of the query a lot and prevents an occasional time-out on very large table lists.

36 Editing under certain conditions hits a DataGridView bug

Previously very large columns were sized to display all of the column content. This approach causes a bad system crash after certain edits as noted in issue 36. Following a change in design to restrict the width of columns in the grid the crash no longer occurs.

89 Source screen shows up in the wrong place

On very large monitors like mine, the enlarged window is huge and unpleasant. The behaviour has been changed to limit the width of the enlarged source window and centre it on the main screen.

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