Follow these steps in the rare event that an upgrade does not migrate your connection configuration files correctly. This page was written for the Feb 2012 upgrade to version 1.2. If you are reading this in the future following a more recent upgrade then please re-interpret the instructions sensibly.
  1. Launch DbViewSharp and create a single connection just to proceed to the main screen.
  2. Select Help, Where is the Config file from the menu. You should see a dialog showing a great long folder name in your user area. At the end should be ...\\DbViewData4.Xml.
  3. Navigate to that folder. Then move up a level.
  4. If you have used a prior version of DBViewSharp you should see another folder created for the previous version, either or (or both if you are a loyal follower).
  5. Close all running copies of DbViewSharp. The program will overwrite your restored files if you don't do this.
  6. Enter the folder of the most recent version previous to and copy all the files in that folder into the folder. This will contain files, but only containing the single connection you just entered. The Xml files are perfectly readable so you can verify that you are not overwriting good data with bad data.

If you do have problems like this please post on the codeplex website or contact me on via DbViewSharp E-mail.

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